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May 24, 2010
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v7 Fixed Header by Grimsever v7 Fixed Header by Grimsever
EDIT; Thank you, =TimberClipse and ^ginkgografix. I would have never thought I'd ever get a DD again after the account switch. Thanks for anyone who has anything to say, and you're welcome (to all the thank yous I've gotten D:). You're all awesome.

Self-explanatory script is self-explanatory.

You must have the Stylish or Greasemonkey extensions for Firefox installed.


I guess this actually does require an explanation. All this script does is simply hold the header at the top of your browser; so when you scroll down, it stays within sight. :B NOTHING else is changed. So to those of you who installed it and didn't see a change-- try scrolling down. lol.

Daily Deviation

Given 2010-05-27
v7 Fixed Header by =i-haet-mushrooms is an awesome easy to use script! It simply holds the header easy for access all the time. It loads very quickly and works all the time! ( Suggested by TimberClipse and Featured by ginkgografix )
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